Penpal Pairings

Hey Everyone,

So sorry it took so long to get these out to you. Here are the pairings for the penpal program. Try and send at least two letters this month, and hopefully continuing months and I want try and pair new penpals every month or two. I am leaving the option for a bookswap between partners, some might not want to participates so you can discuss it in your letters. Everyone has received the info via email if I did not receive you address you were removed from the list, feel free to re-join.

I accommodate special requests in partners as best I could and tried to keep ages close, at lease this time around. If you have any question please feel free to contact me and please leave a comment saying you got your partners information. If you have ideas and such feel free to contact me as well.

If you have not signed up and would like to please do so HERE!

1st Pairing:
Sherry and Kathrin

2nd Pairing:
Elizabeth and Berenice

3rd Pairing:
Jolanta and Lisa

4th Pairing:
Stacy and Julie

5th Pairing:
Bobbi and Michelle

6th Pairing:
Suzanne and Kate

7th Pairing:
Kate and May

8th Pairing:
Monica and Beverly

9th Pairing:
Cindy and Tara

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  1. How did I miss this before?! Signed up :)

  2. I have the info be on the look out!

  3. I have my pairing and can't wait to send/receive mail the old fashioned way!

  4. Not sure if this is where I am suppose to sign in?

  5. I received the info Monica! Thanks so much.
    How exciting! =)

  6. I received the email. Thanks Monica!

  7. Sorry for the delay letting you know. I have my pairing info and will get writing asap! Time to pull out that cute cat stationary that's been stuck in a drawer for years! Woot!


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