Good Evening Everyone,

I have been seeing a few things on my survey I want to address. First off I want to thank everyone for ALL of your feedback, both positive and negative, it helps me to know what you would like or not like to see and stuff you just don't get. I am going to address a few things :) No names just an FYI for everyone.

- I have added a search bar for all those who mentioned it, and I meant to a long time ago but I am very forgetful.
- I picked the raven image as my rater because my blog makes me think gothic, and nothing is more gothic to me than Edgar Allen Poe, hence the raven...and it has an earthy goth feel which is what I wanted for my blog.
- I took off all the extra entries for contests because it was taking me YEARS to add up winners but my friend linked to a very cool tool to figure winners and I am going to re-instate some minimal extra entries :)
- I feel the same way as a lot of people about the memes, I keep giving them a try but I forget to do them, so instead I don't do them so I don't stress about them and the only memes I ever read is the IMM meme, the rest I always skip over. I think memes are more for bloggers than readers...a way to network and interact, and of course a personal preference, I am not going to condemn someone for liking oranges when I just don't have time to peel them.
- I don't like posting reviews when I haven't reviewed books either, makes me feel incomplete. I will in the future label those as Blog Tours or Features and then post a review when they are done. I get so behind sometimes and I apologize.
- I have a list of my current giveaways on the scrolling sidebar to the right under Upcoming Events/Giveaways. I am about to separate it though because the scroll puts the giveaways out of sight.
- I just added the +addthis button to my blog posts so you can easily share my posts on your social networking sites.
- I am going to start a new layout for my reviews soon and make myself be more in depth on my feelings and such while keeping them short and sweet. Oh and I had a comment about discussion questions, the only time I do discussion questions are for the Blog With Bite reviews, they provide them for me to answer.

Whew *wipes brow* I think that is everything I wanted to address. I am going to play with the text because I got a surprising amount of people saying the white hurts their eyes, we will see what I can come up with. Thanks again for all the GREAT feedback! I heart you all :)

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  1. I thought the ravens were eyes?! Wow... I fail, lol!

  2. I loved it that you explained why you have chosen the ravens, Monica :)

    I actually like the white text but if there's any other text that suits the background I'm sure I can read that as well.

  3. I'm happy you made it easier for you. This is supposed to be enjoyable. Too much work may take the enjoyment away.



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