Book Review: Sweet Temptation by: Maya Banks

Pages: 368 pages

Received: Author for Review

Publish Date: April 6, 2010

Genre: Erotica, Romance

Book Blurb: He was a by-the-book cop who broke the rules in the bedroom…

Micah Hudson has painful secrets he’s run hard from. He has new friends, a new life, but he’s about to be confronted with the one person who reminds him of all he’s tried to forget—Angelina, the sister of his oldest friend David. She knows everything about his past, including how he and David fell in love with the same woman, and how they decided the best way to prevent her from tearing them apart was to share her between them. But then a terrible accident left Micah alone…

She was willing to do anything to make him see the woman she’d become…

Micah lost the two people who meant the most in the world to him. Angelina lost her only family. And she kept her deepest secret close to her heart. Her love for Micah. No longer willing to wait, she decides it’s time to go after him and bring him to his knees. She knows his secrets, his desires, his kinks and fetishes, and she’ll use whatever it takes to reel him in. Behind the easy going, loves women exterior lies a man with dark needs and passions. She can give him what he wants. But will he decide she’s what he needs?

Book Review: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! That is my feeling about this book. Just sayin... I haven't read any of the other books in this series or any books by Maya Banks but it didn't take away anything from this book, felt just like a stand alone but there wasn't endless recap either. This book is incredibly erotic and it has a lot of BDSM scenes and such but they are all tasteful and beautifully written. There is also a great plot underneath all the steam and it keeps you riveted to the pages just as much as the characters and the hot sex.

Angel and Micah are two halves of a whole, you can see it from the very beginning of the book, it is amazing the sort of trust and love these two characters have. The other characters in this book are also just as intriguing as the main one and I am dying to read their books as well. Maya Banks is yet another addition to my favorite author list.


For more information or for purchasing visit Maya Banks' webpage.


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  1. Great review of this book. I have been having this on my radar for some time now and now I reallly really want it! But I have to get the books in order though.. OCD won't let me read them out of order... yea I am strange like that..
    But you have a wonderful review!

  2. Great review indeed! I love Erotica or Romance books, where you feel the characters connection. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Whoohoo! added to the Kindle list. :)


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