The Very FIRST IMM by The Bibliophilic Book Blog

Hey Everyone!

This is my first IMM post and my first VLOG...this is hosted by The Story Siren. I am testing out this VLOG concept because I have an insane number of bookmarks to giveaway on Monday and I think a Vlog will be easier :)

Don't laugh to much :)

Books Mentioned:
Shadowfae by: Erica Hayes
The River Kings' Road by: Liane Merciel
The Darkly Luminous Fight for Percephone Parker by: Leanna Renee Hieber
The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by: Leanna Renee Hieber
Forbidden Loves by: Patricia Daly-Lipe
Seduced by Shadows by: Jessa Slade
Flirting With Forever by: Gwyn Cready
Her Last Chance by: Michele Albert
Demon Posessed by: Stacia Kane
The Harlot's Progress by: Peter Motley
Tempt Me If You Can by: Janet Chapman
No Will But His by: Sarah A Hoyt

I have read a Janet Chapman book before, once, so this will be the second
I'm sorry I butchered names :/
The title of the first Leanna Renee Hieber book is The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, I said it wrong.

Ok I think that's it :)

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  1. Yay and I am your first commentor on your first Vblog. You did a great job. What fun

  2. You did a fantastic job..You got some really good books. Enjoy

  3. Great job on your first vlog!! I love vlogs b/c it feels like you get to "meet" the blogger :D

  4. Wow, so many books! I enjoyed your first vlog and I hope you continue to do them. Maybe someday I'll have the nerve to give it a try : )

  5. Great VLOG. You've inspired me to try one out!

  6. great vlog! you should definitely do more :)

  7. Great v-log!!

    Just wanted to say what a beautiful blog you have!

  8. Thanks everyone for your encouragment, looks like there will be more VLOGS in my future :)

    @Eli Thank you hon!

  9. My vlog is NOT better than yours!!!

    Also I'm glad you're on the Jekel Loves Hyde tour because I wouldn't have been able to let you borrow that copy since it's from the tour. lol.

  10. I don't vlog.... I hate video cameras... but funny, I love cameras....

    Great loot!

  11. Oh wonderful! None of the books you have mentioned I have read yet. Happy reading! :)

  12. This is my first visit to your blog, and WOW! I love the layout and header. I hope you enjoy all the books you got this week.

  13. You did great!! :-)

    Keep doing vlogs, in time you'll get really comfortable with them :-)

  14. Great vlog, Monica! Nothing to laugh about there! I really want to read Miss Parker book(I'm not even going to try to write the title) and Shadowfae :)


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