Overwhelmed...Seeking Like Minded Help

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am sorry I have been MIA lately, I have been having problems getting back to my work schedule and reading schedule balance in addition to taking English courses (to help my dreadful grammar skills) and writing, I know, writing. (think King Arthur, present day, wearing chucks) *GROAN*


I have now decided to take on a partner, a full fledged partner, because I am overwhelmed, I need to get my books to review pile down and I need help making sure everything stays running smoothly.

If you might be interested in working with me please email me at monicaannkoetz(AT)gmail.com . You may already have you own blog, but I would prefer if you did not, but please if you do don't let that hinder you from helping, it just might be easier if you didn't.

Please include:
Name, Email, Where you have your own blog or not, the books you enjoy reading, and what your favorite food is :) Oh and some examples of work if you have any.

Yeah...think that's it. For those who celebrate I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. I will be out and about because I GET MY CAST OFF FRIDAY!!!! I am SOOO excited. Oh and I will be going to The Book Thing in Baltimore on Saturday...*SQUEEE* more details to follow.

Heart you ALL

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  1. I hope you find the help you need. And congrats on getting that cast off!

  2. Good luck with everything! I know how overwhelming things can get. I have a full time job, plus children, and sometimes things just have to take a back seat. And now I have to take a course in the summer. I am feeling your pain!!!! (And it's not fair that the books that are being published are so good, it's hard to turn them down, isn't it?)

  3. Good luck! I have been thinking about it as well

  4. Good luck finding someone to help out! BTW, you mentioned Baltimore - are you in MD? Will you be going to the CityLit Festival on 4/17?!

  5. I hope you'll find the perfect blogmate :) I've been thinking along those lines myself. I have a younger sister and she's been thinking about trying to blog so I'm trying to persuade her to join me.


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