Bookmark Day Winners

Winners please send me an email at monicaannkoetz(AT) with your name, address, and what you won.

Winners were chosen via Thanks everyone for participating and helping make Bookmark Day a HUGE success...

Winner of the Jolinne Bookmark:
CherylS22 said... At Jolinne, my fav is the Princess Jolinne Bookmark

Winner of the Dawales Bookmark is:
Shy said... Book thongs are another thing that I know not exist until you mentioned about it today. Lame, I know!

So, I went to Dawales's shop and saw this Blue Jeweled Flower Book Thong that I absolutely fall in love with! Too beautiful. I wonder how these people could be SO incredibly creative??

Winner of the Infinitales Bookmark is:
Leslie said... My favorite is The Lady and The Owl, also.

Winner of the Flora's Fancy Bookmark is:
Sharli said... These are gorgeous! I think this one is my favorite so far XD
My favorite is the Wine Goddess Bookmark but I love them all :D

Winner of the Blue Manatee Prize Pack is:
EVA SB said... Ohh it's not fair to make me choose just one!
So I'll choose several
aries zodiac
skull and crossbone (red dotty one)
green tree
lilly p bee
all so cute and anyway I need several for my collection  

Winner of the Book Giveaway is:
Kitty said... Thanks so much for this giveaway.

I would like:

The Wives of Henry Oades by Johanna Moran

Winner of the Muses' Call Bookmark is:
Amy C said..
These blog posts celebrating bookmarks, and some of them for causes, is such a wonderful thing. You've introduced me to some amazing sites to purchase new ones!

One of my favorites from The Muses Call is the one with Cicero's quote on it "A room without books, is like a body without a soul" I'll likely be purchasing that one. I love the way she makes them in scrapbook fashion. I used to scrapbook and I love the creativity of it.

Winner of the Steampunk Bookmark is:
Michelle @ The True Book Addict said... I just love that Steampunk bookmark at Steampunk Trunk. Also, the steampunk inspired charm bracelet.

I follow you via google friend connect and on twitter. 

Winner of the Lcbears Bookmark is:
joder said... From Lcbears I love the Ribbon bookmark in purple. The color is my favorite and very romantic.

Winner of the Urban Design Prize Pack is:
Jo said... Wooow! I love these bookmarks! So gorgeous!

My favourite from Urban Design is the daisies one shown here:

Winner of the MyStuff2 Prize Pack is:
Bethie said... My fav Mystuff2 book is the Photo Bookmark-Curious Young Dolphin.
I follow on GFC

Winner of the Raggedy Owl Bookmark Set is:
This girl said... I love raggedy owl's mushroom bookmark, here

Winner of the Ialuna bookmark is:
EVA SB said... From Ialuna I love the funny eyes and the cat bookmarks. The beaded bookmark is also[@]gmail[.]com

Winner of the Seasonal Delights Bookmarks:
Sharli said... The glass heart definitely looks weighty lol. It's very pretty!
Oooh! I've never had a corner style bookmark! Now I wanna make one :D

My favorite are the Lace Doily and Birdcage Corner Bookmarks. I'm obsessed with caged birds! I even want to get a tattoo :D

Winner of the Creative Moments Bookmark is:
Natalia said... I love Wonderland By Momo!! Very cute!!I am a follower via email and facebook.

Winner of the Ruby Mointain Dye Works Bookmark Set is:
Kate siad I love the journal cover from Ruby Mountain Dye works: 

Winner of the Serpent Mandalas Bookmark is:
Michelle @ The True Book Addict said... At Serpent Mandalas's, faves are Nesting-By The Pool and shelter, Goose Girl-out at sea-cheetah, and Alice in Wonderland. So talented!

I follow you via google friend connect and on twitter.

Winner of the McTiernan General Store Beadmark is:
Alyssa said... This fairy catcher beadmark is really pretty:

Winner of the Lighted Jewels Bookmark is:
This girl said...

At lighted jewels, I love this one:

Winner of the Rustic Goth Bookmark is:
Jessy said... I love the Twilight Bookmark from Rustic Goth (really they are all great)

Winner of the Crafty Addictions Bookmark is:
Alyssa said...

These chocolate bookmarks from Crafy Addictions are seriously making me hungry:

I follow through Google.

Winner of the Glimmerfae Bookmark Set is:
~Jennifer~ said... My favorite from Glimmerfae is Lost Girl Dark Fairy Gothic Vampire Faerie Fantasy Gift

Winner of the Shady Glade Prize Pack is:
Mariah said... I follow all of these blogs!


Winner of the Flipping Pages Prize Pack is:
Sharli said... Yay for prize packs! lol
I was a follower of te Shady Glade and Flipping Pages for all Ages, their blogs are really cool! :D
And I am now a Bibliophiles and Buccaneers and Star Shadow Blog :)

Winner of the Bibliophiles and Buccanears Prize Pack is:
EVA SB said... I visited Bibliophiles and Buccaneers and am now a follower.

Winner of the Starshadow Prize Pack is:
This girl said..

I now follow all of these blogs! I was already a reader of Bibliophiles and Buccaneers.

Winners of some SWAG:
Jennifer Moore

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  1. Woot! Thank you so much! I'm headed now to email you my address. Can't wait to get my goodies. =O)

    Thanks again for hosting such a wonderful rock!

  2. Yay!
    Thanks for a great giveaway

    Congrats to all the winners including myself :0)

  3. Lots of winners, congrats everyone.

  4. Monica: Thank you for hosting the wonderful bookmark day =D

  5. Congrats to all the winners!!

  6. Nice haul you guys congratulations winners!!!

  7. I must say I am disappointed not to see my name-congrats to all the winners-you will all enjoy your bookmarks.

  8. Congratulations to all the winners! =)


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