Bookmark Day Guest Post

I always find beautiful Etsy sellers on the Fire and Ice blog, so I asked Heather to come do a guest post for us, Welcome Heather!!!
As a photographer and Etsy seller, I wanted a way to build relationships with other artists. So, I started looking for ways to incorporate my love for handmade things on Etsy with my book blog and voila the idea of giving away bookmarks was born!  I am one of those shoppers who will spend the extra $5 in line at my bookstore to get a really cool marker, but with four children they often get stolen or mutilated.  So, one day I went searching for artists who specialize in fairy tale/ goth themes and found some awesome shops on Etsy.  The artists were generous and so willing to share with us as a book blog.  In return, we advertise their shop, and their websites.  The designs are one of a kind and original which I adore!  Some of the artists we have featured are PinkCherryMama:
 (this photo belongs to PinkCherry Mama)
 (this photo belongs to RusticGoth)
 (this photo belongs to Strangeling)
 (this photo belongs to Infinitales)
Now that we have "met" each other online we swap book ideas and tweet frequently.  It's been a blast to find friends who love books and art as much as I do!  Check out their stores, I promise you'll be impressed and stay tuned for lots more handmade bookmark giveaways on our blog.

Thanks for the guest post! Most of the sellers mentioned above will be featured for Bookmark Day so stop by thier shops and the Fire and Ice Blog and show some love!

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  1. Hi

    Beautiful things!! I have just seen the websites you mentioned and I am impressed!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  2. W00t! I love the Fire and Ice Blog--they always showcase some fantastic etsy shops! :)

  3. Such a great guestpost! I love all those bookmarks, but especially the Rustic Goth one, that's just gorgeous!

  4. The Fire and Ice blog is epically awesome. Those bookmarks are so beautiful.


  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I am thoroughly enjoying bookmark day, thanks so much for hosting it!

  6. Very cool! I never even thought about doing giveaways like that on my blog.

  7. Awesome post Heather, I love your blog! Thank you for sharing! =)


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