Book Review: When Good Wishes Go Bad by: Mindy Klasky

Pages: 400 pages

Received: Netgalley

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Chick Lit

Book Blurb: Becca Morris is having a bad day. A bad week. A bad lifetime.
As a dramaturg at a prominent New York theater company, Becca is supposed to develop new plays, working with the actors and director to create brilliant, innovative shows. As a girlfriend, Becca is supposed to build a happy partnership with her boyfriend. As a person, Becca is supposed to better herself, striving for greater poise, social awareness, and understanding.

Unfortunately, Becca's current production is derailed by threatened copyright litigation. Her boyfriend has gone on the lam. Her personal life is derailed by her sudden struggle to keep her job and find a home.

And that's when a brass lamp enters the picture. A brass lamp, with a wish-granting genie...

Before Becca knows it, she's deep in the middle of magic, a brilliant new socially-conscious play, and a battle of guerrilla gardeners the likes of which New York City has never seen - if only she can juggle all the aspects of her new life long enough for everyone to make a safe landing!

Book Review: I think the concept of this book was better in blurb form then the way it came out. I liked the characters a lot. Teel was pretty interesting and pretty wild most of the time. The two main characters were awesome separately but together there is sort of a fizzle for me. I also thought the plot was crazy slow, I often found my mind wandering and not on the characters at hand. This is the second book in this series and I did not feel lost at all, this book can function easily as a stand alone. I think it was just ok, I probably won't read the others in this series. I do however love love love Mindy Klasky's Jane Madison series, so please go check that one out if this one is not for you.

For more information or for purchasing visit Mindy Klasky's webpage.


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  1. Thank you for the review, Monica! I'm not sure if this book is for me but I do want to check out the series by the same author that you recommended =)

  2. I gave you an award! You can find it here.

    Tara SG -- <a href="</a></a>

  3. Shame it's not a five star- the blurb is promising!

  4. Paranormal and chicklit do you say?! These are my genres...I think I am going to like the book! Shame it isn't a 5 star!


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