Book Review: Shadow of the King by: Helen Hollick

Pages: 672 pages

Received: publisher for review

Genre: historical fiction

Book Blurb: They knew what was coming.
Man and beast knew what lay ahead.
After the war cry.
Bitter the grave.

At long last, the peace King Arthur was born to usher in has settled over the realm. But Arthur was also born to be a warrior... and all true warriors are restless without a fight. Yearning for battle and ever-loyal, Arthur is easily deceived into setting sail for Gaul to defend its territories-leaving his country vulnerable and leaderless.

A beacon of hope in a land of desolation, he was to be the Lord of the Summer Land for now and forever. But first, the Pendragon must face the ultimate test, one that will take all his courage, strength of will, and honor to survive.
Because once destiny is fulfilled, can you ever truly win again?

Book Review: I am so completely and thoroughly obsessed with this author right now. As you all know I am an Arthurian Legend obsessed nut, so I was so thrilled to get this book for review. SOOO thrilled. 'Shadow of the King' is a the third book in the Pendragon's Banner Trilogy, and the copy I have is the reprint of this trilogy.

This whole trilogy is just beautiful, amazing, wonderful, and I could go on and on but you get the idea. I love how the author turns King Arthur into a man and then the King of legend. It's amazing to see the transformation in the characters and to read a story that shows King Arthur as he truly might have been as opposed to the magically enhanced version of the story that is so popular (nothing wrong with those either). The amount of research Ms. Hollick must have done is astounding because the detail in this book is wonderful. I highly recommend this trilogy to any Arthurian Legend nuts or anyone who just likes a great read.

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  1. Shadow of the King sounds fricken awesome!! I'm an authurian nut too and will have to look these books up. :-)

  2. I don't quite know what to say, I am so overwhelmed! I am absolutely delighted that my books are bringing you such enjoyment and pleasure.
    Thank you for the wonderful review; I am honoured to have made your acquaintance.

  3. I have never tried Arthurian - thanks for bringing it to mind!

  4. I love books from the time of King Arthur, so will be sure to watch for this book. Great review!

  5. Oh, looks like another book going on my wish list. :) Thanks for the review.


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