Book Review: The Afflicted Girls by: Suzy Witten

Pages: 456 pages

Recieved: From author for review
Genre: Historical Fiction

Book Blurb: Something terrible happened in Salem in 1692 . . . but it isn't what you think! THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem by author-researcher Suzy Witten presents a startling new theory of the Salem Village witch-hunts which is certain to put this 300 year old unsettled mystery to rest . . . by expertly guiding readers through The Historical Record to revelation. Part parable, part star-crossed romance, and part supernatural venture, this is an intuitive human history--and inhuman--spun with a modern twist.

Book Review: I have read many books based on the Salem Witch Trials through out the years, a sort of "learn from previous mistakes to never let happen again effort" and this book certainly sets the reader down in the middle of it all, you learn every minute detail about these character's lives. Every single thing.

In the beginning of the book I found the amount of time spent on the character development a bit monotonous, I just wanted to get on with the story but as I continued to read I quickly learned that the development was necessary to understand the concept and later plot points. It was certainly worth the fight to get to the middle of the book where everything quickly starts to pick up. The detail the author puts into being historically accurate (as much as possible) and detailing the whole Salem world is truly amazing.

As stated before, the characters are extensively developed and the plot is planned meticulously, everything is laid out in perfect order for the reader to understand and grasp. I wish the author would have made the development a bit easier to get through but overall I can't wait to see what Ms. Witten comes up with next.

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  1. After reading the Crucible and seeing the movie, the Salem Witch Trials have always creeped me out. *shudders* It really shows how ridiculous and hysterical we humans can get. All for greed. ugh.

    It is an intriguing topic and I'm glad that while the story starts out slow, it is well worth it. Sometimes though that slow beginning can really be a killer, but if I read a review (like yours) that tells me to hang in there, I will.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I so wanted to review this but I can't do e-books.
    I have heard many good things about it.
    Thanks for the review.


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