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As many of you know I have been collecting books and money to send romance, YA, paranormal, UF books, and ereaders over to my home-girls in Iraq. I truly believe in this cause and do everything I can to support it, well today I got some additional support.

Emily from What Book Is That posted about my efforts and is donating 5 cents per comment left on her blog in the month of March up to 100 bucks. SO amazing of her, thank you so much Emily.

I have gotten so behind on my pics and features for people donating lately since I have had books pouring in from wonderful blogger and anonymous donors, if you have donated something to the collection for my BB or for just sending books over please email me at monicaannkoetz(AT) so I can get caught up and recognition to my wonderful friends.

Know what I am going to do...I am going to match her, most of the funds I get towards ereaders comes from donors and people being generous, I usually donate books myself, I will donate cash in this one up, to 100 dollars as well, 5 cents per comment in March on her blog...I invite anyone else who wants to be generous to join in and match her as well, you will be most welcome!

Thanks Emily!

Monica S.

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  1. Awwwww I think it's so sweet that you're sending books overseas...I would love to donate a couple books, if possible :)


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