You Are Invited...15 March!

Morning Everyone,

As most of you know, I recently had surgery on my feet (Thursday), I had an open plantar fascia release, so I am down for the next 6 weeks...luckily I don't need to walk to read. I am also on heavy narcotic meds, so if some of my posts are just jacked, don't be shy, let me know. my medicated state I had a BRILLIANT idea...I am going to have a BOOKMARK DAY!

Before I lose you...what are you using for your bookmark in that book right next to you right now? and please please don't tell me you have dog eared it, I would cry. Mine...even though I collect bookmarks...a credit card, a spoon, a receipt, a press release, oh yay and a bookmark...see...insanity.

Bookmark day will be an ode to the bookmark...I will showcase bookmark creators, different kinds of bookmarks and offer sales on bookmarks in addition to an amazing assortment of bookmarks you can win...Oh yes, I know how you love prizes! :) There will also be some book giveaways as well...and maybe a nice signed set of books.

When might this illustrious date take place?? 15 March 

Here's the important stuff....

Authors, Etsy Sellers, or Bloggers looking to donate bookmarks or books, make deals for promotions, what to be featured for your creations...fill out this form

*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*...if you are on this list I can pretty must guarantee something will be in your mailbox soon after the event...just saying :) Wonderful readers who want to check out all the bookmark goodness and want to get in on the special deals and giveaways for RSVPd event attendees (closes on Mar 10th)...fill out this form

There will of course be more than one giveaway...for people who don't want to RSVP and for last minute people who just happen to stop by in addition to some awesome articles and deals. So Spread the word...its going to be AWESOME! International and Aliens (the green kind) even, are welcome.

Oh one more thing...if you make a blog post about BOOKMARK day and email the link at monicaannkoetz(AT) in addition to RSVPing to the event YOU WILL get a great little goodie from me. 100% guaranteed...unless something unfortunate happens to me ;)

Monica S.

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  1. How fun! I love bookmarks. :)

  2. This is a great idea! I would never dog ear, but I am guilty of using old playing cards, bits of whatever is nearby, loose junkmail... lol. I love bookmarks, I just don't have any.

  3. What a fun idea! I have a few different bookmarks I use depending on my mood. I'm always looking for new ones though, so I'm looking forward to the 15th.

  4. Oh what a fun idea! Loved it. I only
    have a couple of bookmarks that were given to me by my little
    cousin hehe, I was hoping to buying
    new ones soon =) Awesome idea!

  5. Ooh, what a great idea. I'm so glad I saw someone RSVP for this on Goodreads.

  6. This is super awesome!!! I'm so excited! I'm always looking for a new bookmark. Usually it's junk mail, a post it note, receipt, or the dust jacket (if there is one). Hadn't thought of using a spoon though! LOL

  7. I am so excited! It looks like a lot of fun! I don't dog ear - but I definitely reuse bookmarks or postcards until there's nothing left of them!

  8. Good ideas in your head! I love bookmarks, there's the proof:

  9. Oh yes... what a coinsidence - I.m also a bookmark collector, and have a broken arm (is it a curse for bookmark collectors?:))

  10. How fun! There has got to be books about bookmarks out there, don't you think?

  11. Monica great idea and even if it came about out of medicated state that is okay too!!! Get to feeling better and thanks for this fun drawing for something I have started a scrapbook of so when my old ones wear out will always have new one to use, Plus some of the signed ones have gotten are great author keepsakes too!

    RSVPd and will post a blog and email you the link later on today..

    jackie b central texas

  12. I love Book marks.. I will admit if one is not handy I have used the cologne samples from magazines as book marks. They smell great. As soon as I find the link to RSVP I will do so. Thanks and good luck..

  13. Sounds like fun. I ususally use what's handy. I woukld never dog ear a book.

  14. LOVE IT! When I was younger I had a huge collection of bookmarks. I'm really into the magnetic ones right now.

    Can't wait for the 15th.

  15. What a great way to promote reading. I just joined your blog read about it I will definitely be RSVP(ing?)lol I definitely have no shortage of bookmarks or beadmarks as I like to call them

  16. Can't wait - this will be lots of fun. Love your blog!

  17. my book marks are voided tickets from my job (virginia aquqrium) and a “laminated” (wrapped in clear packing tape) 4-leaf clover. so i know all about needing a REAL bookmark.

  18. sounds great!

    i must admit that i occasionally dog ear. a lot of my books are "well loved." being a teacher, i had to get used to the idea of books being well loved real quick, lol.

    but i also use anything i can find in my purse, although i do have a lot of really nice bookmarks that i really should use more often!

  19. Fun idea! I've never heard of a book lover who didn't love bookmarks, too :) I have a few, but can never find one when I need it, so I just use old recepits/postcards/hangtags/whatever.

  20. Great idea for a special day. I love bookmarks. I give them for gifts a lot and I have lots by my bed so I always have one to use when I need one. I will be here oon March 15th to participate.


  21. Hello!

    Just tried to email about blogging about bookmark day but the email was returned. Apparently it isn't correct? Hmm...

    Feel free to let me know:

  22. Hi
    Great Idea.
    I am chilean bookmark collector.
    Please visit my blog

  23. Thanks for letting me in... thought I'm later than night....

    I did a post too. Hope you forgive me for not emailing the link. I was already here. :-)

  24. I'm visiting from Shannon's Bookdreaming blog. Great idea - bookmark day! Can't wait.

  25. I love bookmarks. Quelle belle idée que cette journée! but I don't speak english.......alors ce sera très difficile pour moi d'avoir une participation active.
    Je possède beaucoup de doubles pour échange alors si l'un d'entre vous est intéressé(e) : rendez-vous


  26. Hello,
    I am looking forward to Monica’s Bookmark Day on – Monday, March 15.

    I make themed bookmarks in my Etsy shop - Flora’s Fancy ( and will be celebrating Bookmark Day by giving 10% discounts on all bookmarks plus free shipping to the US and Canada – other international shoppers will get unlimited shipping for $3.00. An added bonus will be that the same discounts will be applied to anything else you purchase from my shop along with a bookmark. Refunds for the discounts and applicable shipping will be refunded to your Paypal account upon completion of the transaction. So go crazy if you feel like stocking up on gifts!

    Here is the link to my featured bookmark on –

    Please check out my other themed bookmarks while you are visiting my shop – there are lots to choose from and I love to do custom orders. Have fun on bookmark day.

    Thank you,
    Flora’s Fancy

  27. I just found out about this event ... but I think it's pretty cool! I'm gonna finish reading up on it and make a post too!


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