Snowed In Read-a-Thon

Are you snowed in too??

So, I will be snowed in this weekend with my two dogs, cat, and the husband. Good times, we are supposed to get 20-30 inches. What better way to pass the weekend then by reading. I'm going to have a snowed in read-a-thon. I'll post the books I get read here and you can leave a comment as well if you want to join me or post what book you read this weekend.

Stay safe everyone!!

Book read during this crazy snowy weekend:
Master Your Debt by: Jordan E Goodman
Heaven Sent 6: Revelations by: Jet Mykles 

Monica S.

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  1. Monica, I know we have had this conversation before but I am soooo jealous. I LOVE the snow! We are actually supposed to get some (which translates to a dusting), but I would love several feet. Whoopie, you can make snow creme!

    Stay cozy.

  2. no snow in florida! =)
    but i do kinda miss it (not the backbreaking shoveling though) have fun reading and cuddle up wiht your dogs!

  3. Oh my goodness! The snow went south of my state so we're just getting flurries. Stay safe!!
    And read :D

  4. Nope, no snow here although we usually do in February. We've had very little snow this year compared to what's normal.

    I do want to get some reading done this weekend.

  5. I'm not snowed in, YET, but it's a-comin'! In MD, the snow is picking up but not sticking to the roads, yet. We're expecting about 24 inches in my area.

    Happy reading to all stuck inside!
    Tracey D

  6. Well it just started snowing today out here in good old MO. AGAIN. No word yet if this one is going to stick. It also doesn't look nearly as pretty as your picture. Probably this weekend I'll be finishing up Blue Heaven by C.J.Box in between working. Sadly I don't get to stay in this weekend. ;pouts; Happy reading!

  7. Lucky girl. I live 30 minutes north of toronto and we should have tons of snow -- but nada. I can actually see grass. Mother nature must be a little confused. Enjoy it for us all : )

  8. I hope you stay warm and dry this weekend! Enjoy being snowed-in!


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