Randomness...and some Winners!

This The Bibliophilic Sony Pocket Ereader...isn't it cool. I like it. I am thinking of upgrading to the SONY ereader daily edition, I really like Sonys' line of ereaders. Do you have a Sony Daily Edition, I would like to hear about it drop a comment.
What will be happening here this month? Well, I am having a major foot surgery so I will be out of work for an entire month...laid out on my couch on pain meds, so I will be in and out and will be reading non-stop hopefully...so there will be plenty of reviews for you to read...but on the 18th and 19th I'll be knocked out still so I won't be around. Keep your fingers crossed that they don't cut something necessary.

So...I had a follower contest awhile back, it ended on the 30th of Jan and I have 185 entries, WOW. The contest was for a book of your choice or a 20$ amazon giftcard...if you choose the book, it must be 20$ or under. My contest started at 400 with 3 winners for every 50 more followers I got, I added a winner, I am not at 545...so we have 5 winners. Random.org says....

1. Sheila - ludeluh@y
2. Rachel - rachie2004@y
3. chelleyreads - bookmakeupreview@g
4. Anne G - ajolly1456@g
5. Ki Mi - kimikaio@y

You all have until Saturday the 6th of Feb to contact me at monicaannkoetz@gmail.com.

Thanks for being followers and Congrats!
Monica S.

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  1. Congrats of the followers and congrats to the winners!

  2. SQUEE!!! thank you, thank you :D this totally made my day!!

  3. lol sorry, was too excited... congrats for the 546 followers!! and congrats to the other winners too!

  4. WOOT WOOT!! Thank you so very very much and Congrats! :D

  5. Wow I so HOPE that i'll win ur latest giveaway am so begging for my friend who's in the US and my hubby to give me an ereader I so hope I win please please please. Thank you,


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