Look Where I am Going!!!

Book Blogger Convention

I am so very excited, I just filled out the form to go to Book Blogger Con. Can't wait to see some my bloggy peeps there. I live in MD...so if anyone wants to carpool or something let me know!!!

Monica S.

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  1. I didn't even know this existed! You can tell i'm still new at this! I should go, I live in NY, so it wouldn't be too bad of a drive! :)

  2. Have you been before? I don't live to far from NYC so maybe it would be worth checking out.

  3. awww I wish I lived closer! That would be so fun to attend! :)

  4. Shoot I'm stuck out here in the sticks (Missouri)...You're from Maryland? Where in Maryland? I used to live in Silver Spring (which if you need a map is like ten/twenty minutes out of D.C.)


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