Set Goals for 2010 Bloggiesta Challenge

Here is the original link to this challenge to tell you what to do...basically make a goal list for 2010 and here is the Bloggiesta sign up. These have to be linked back to the original post and the starting line post at mawbooks.

So here it is:

I liked the idea of evaluating my strengths and weaknesses and moving up from there. Here are some strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and solutions I brainstormed.

Weakness: Editing...I am horrible at editing my own work....
Solution: I am going to invite my readers to do it for me for monthly prizes. I will post my normal posts and invite my readers to evaluate my work and at the end of each month I will have a giveaway for the most editing errors found.

Strength: Almost daily posts.
Advantage: I will continue to do this and help build better readership through continuity.

Weakness: Variety of genres reviewed (as in I don't have enough different genre that I cover)
Solution: I will start instituting more genres and I will also make a month post for linking advisory listings, so my readers can advise me what to read and what they want to see reviewed.

Strength: Writing evolution
Advantage: I will continue taking classes, getting advice, and help on my writing skills. If you look at some of my earlier posts together with my newer ones you will see I have evolved significantly.

What do you guys think? Any comment are, as always, appreciated.

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  1. i hate editing! i don't like reading over my own work so i have to force myself to read to do it.

    i love that you have daily posts. that's definitely a strength. hmmm... i always saw "variety of genres reviewed" a strength because you expose your readers to more books out there--i might not actively look for it to read it but if i come across it in a store i might pick it up (whereas i would've ignored it) because i saw it and read about it on a blog. maybe it's just me?


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