New Stuff and Chances to Win Prizes....Check it OUT! I mentioned when I posted my Bloggiesta idea page...I am going to have my readers edit my work, because I am just horrible at catching my own errors. So as you read my work and catch an error, just drop me a comment on that post and tell me what you found. There are some guidelines I would like you to follow though:

- Dont count (....) those, that is my writing equivalent of an ummm
- Don't critique my writing style please...just the errors in typing, grammar, spelling, punctuation and what not.

Only correct from this post forward. I guess I'll count this one too, but it's probably jacked. I will calculate who comments on what errors and the person who catches the most of my errors gets a prize, I will correct each error and delete the comment that posted it, showing I fixed it and I also counted you. One error per person :)


"I am so sure your happy"

Copy and paste that and then put "your" is not the correct word, should be  "you are" or "you're" in a comment with your email and that's it.

Thanks everyone who decides to help, it will help me improve my writing skills and the quality of the work I put out to you! Thank you!

P.S. This is not me trying to slack off and not edit. I totally edit, I just never catch it all, and there are some rules of grammar and such that I just don't know. 

Monica S.

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  1. I got it Emma. Thanks for the catch!

  2. I love this idea very much !!
    My English is worst than the others in the blogosphere as my mother tongue is not English even though English is the most spoken language in my country(India)..!
    I won't be able to point out any grammatical mistakes in your lovely blog..! but, will anyway keep a watch here :)

  3. Great idea Monica!

    Also, I got my book form Kerrelyn yesterday, just wanted to say thanks! :)

  4. Great Catch Todd...this is why I need you all. lol.

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