Book Review: The Wizards of Venus, Book One: Maguc Touch by: Dakota Trace

Summary: Welcome to the World of Venus. Unlike many had believed, it's not inhabitable place, but one which simply has cloaked its people from outsider presence. In a world of magic and warriors, High Prince Randall deCarthwright and his two best friends, his cousin, Jonathan deCarthwright, and the daughter of his dad's advisor, Grace Anne O'Connor, grew up.

Rand, the crown prince, soon to take over the reins from his retiring father; Gracie, who longs to follow her dad's footsteps; and Jonathan, a powerful vindexicis warrior who has become the head of security for the royal family - all think they are on their set courses, until a prophesy shatters their belief.

Gracie was aware of the prophesy but with time and distance from her chosen mate, her belief in it is broken. She becomes livid when she finds out her father and the King of Venus have arranged her marriage to Rand. She's shocked to find out Rand wants the marriage to take place. Against the advice of his sentient power, Ruzac, Rand's given Gracie the time she's needed to grow up before claiming her. Now, with the time at hand, the mezlcar, their intense mating ritual, begins to burn as an unseen force plots against them, and Rand is torn between mating with or protecting his chosen.

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  1. I like how you put review links on a different site. I have seen that twice now on blogs and it's so CLEAN looking!


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