Book Review: Kill Dress by: John Young

Summary: April, Joi, Nancy, Heather, and Kim were the best of friends. After losing her boyfriend, Kim was devastated and needed a vacation. Traveling to Louisiana in order to relax and clear her mind with her friend Joi, the two ladies discover an old woman whose ancient ancestors made dress garments for Queens Nefertari, Cleopatra, and the Queen of Sheba. Little did Kim know that these dress garments were made out of secret mystical fibers that had an uncanny sensual effect on some men. After Kim had a gorgeous dress made for her by the old woman, she and her friends find out that the sexy enchanted dress was more than they had bargained for. This amazing dress that Kim had decided to wear was affecting the sexual senses of a number of men, including arousing the killing senses of a brutal serial killer. Even TV reporters, talk show personalities, and other media outlets were starting to believe that the hypnotic, beautiful dress had something to do with the killings. Many believed that if Kim were to destroy the dress then the killings would stop. However, Kim defiantly decided that she should wear the Kill Dress no matter what the cost in order to show women that they have the Constitutional right to freedom of expression. 

I think the concept of this book was to big for the book or to big for the author, I'm not quite sure which. The book was rather short, but I just couldn't get into regardless. I tried, I got about half way through and that was it. I really wish I could have gotten into it. The premise and plot line of the book was good, it could have been expanded and made into a bigger book, most definitely. I think the author could retry this book and it would be wonderful. I truly wish I could have been able to get more into it.

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I give this book 2/5 stars. ★ ★

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