Book Review: Blood Bought by: Brynn Paulin

Summary: For months, Jonah Genjhury has hunted Athena. Waiting. Planning. Dreaming. Finally, he finds his prickly runaway mate and he knows it?s time to claim her for the Cruentus clan?and himself. Athena, however, isn?t easy to convince. She fights a union with everything in her. Now he must convince his angry mate she?s his while an age-old battle with the Dragon enemies rages around them.

Athena Xanthopoulos isn?t having any of this ?Dragon? business. They?re myths, and she certainly isn?t the mate of one of those flying, scaly, blood-sucking creatures. Okay, so he?s not scaly most of the time and he?s super hot, but that doesn?t mean she wants to spend eternity with him. Trouble is?she can?t stop wanting him.

You can see the review HERE at the Night Owl Romance website.

Monica S.

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  1. The cover is hot. I dont know about the plot though

  2. Sounds like an interesting book!

    Not sure if it's my reader, but there are an awful lot of ? in your review instead of apostrophes. Just wanted to let you know.


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