Book Review: The Black Moth by: Georgette Heyer

Summary: The Black Moth is Georgette Heyer's first novel, written when she was 17 years old to amuse her sick brother. It features Jack Carstares—an Earl turned highwayman—and his enemy—the enigmatic Duke of Andover—who engage in an intense rivalry over society beauty Diana Beauleigh…

Seven years before our story opens, Carstares protected his brother by allowing himself to be disgraced for cheating at cards. His brother, suffering intense guilt, isn't aware that they played right into the hands of the Duke of Andover.

The disgraced Earl now roams the countryside until a confrontation with his rival thwarts the attempt to kidnap the lovely Diana. But now the Duke is more determined than ever to have Diana for his own, and the two men will meet at sword point before the Earl's name can be cleared and he can claim his fair lady.

Apparently, from reading other reviews and information about this book, Ms. Heyer wrote this book at 17! That's insane, I could barely write a research paper at 17. A lot of people posted how awesome the book was because of the age the author was when she wrote it, I am going to review based on the book itself, not the age of the author at composition, although I do truly commend her for her abilities.

This book was pretty good, the plot was interesting enough to keep the readers interested and happy. The characters felt a tad bit flat sometimes, but not the whole time. The writing style felt a bit off and the ability of this author amazes me, she is capable of evolution, because I have seen some of her recent work, and it is a bit more clear and concise than this first book. This author truly has brought her writing up from such a young age, and I since this is the first book I have completely read by Ms. Heyer, I will definitely look for more of her work.

So...overall, characters and clarity could use a bit of work but not to bad at all.

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I give this book 4/5 stars. ★ ★ ★ ★

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  1. Personally, I like reading books in order of publication, even if it's horrible, I wanted to pick up this author so thanks for saying it's not horrible.


  2. Great review...this sounds like an overall nice, fresh read :)

  3. I always love reading historical romance/fiction so I don't think I've any problem liking this book. And the fact that the main character is a male makes it even better (yeah, I've this inclination to like male lead character as oppose to female, I know not why!).


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