Bloggiesta To Do List

I am so excited for Bloggiesta everyone. Here is my to do list.

1. Make Templates for:
-royal review posts
2. Amazon storefront
3. Update Blogroll buttons (link yours in the comments if you want me to add yours)
4. Finish goodies pages (mwahahaha)
5. Remove header border
6. Update RAW page.
7. Enter A MILLION diffrent contest and link them in the sidebar
8. Make a signature for my posts
9. Change Favicon
10. Organize library to optimize reading
11. Recent Posts thumbnails for reviews template
12. Rating link thing for posts

13. Start 'Finish The Sentence Fridays'Bad Idea.
14. Contact some authors about interviews or blog posts
15. Link reviews to challenge blogs
16. Update Releases page
17. Add a subscribe by email option
18. Post a comment on as many Google Reader entries as possible for the duration of Bloggiesta
19. Maybe make a footer
20. Write some reviews for previously read books.
21. Add elevator pitch to header
22. Post final look poll
23. Set up blog stat tracker
24. Give my events and contest widget a scroll bar

25. Tabs
26. Goal Post
27. Cheat Sheet
28. Blog Back Up
29. Check for Dead Links
30. Brain Storm Future Posts
31. Clean out twitter spam.
32. Set up my one combined wishlist
33. Setup google forms template for giveaways.


  1. What a great list. Wow, that's amazing if you can leave a comment on every GR post. Good luck!

  2. That's an impressive list! I'm hoping to do a lot of those things too. Good luck. :)

  3. Thats a great list, we have some of the same goals, good luck! =)

  4. You are really going all out! Wow! What is the MILLION contest?

  5. Fantastic job Monica! You have already gotten so much accomplished. Kudos to you!

  6. Wow. What a list. You're leaving me inspired to try but in awe at all your suggestions.

  7. I Would Be Lost If I Had To Do Everything On That List....LOL. Good Luck Trying To Get It All Done.

  8. Wow! Only the first day and you've already completed so much! I'm very impressed, and inspired to jump back in and get to work. :)

  9. What an incredible list! And way to go on all you've accomplished so far!
    If you're going to do a back up you might want to check out the mini-challenge I'm hosting. It's along those same lines. Either way great to see all the wonderful things you're accomplishing!

  10. You are making such great progress! I'm jealous :)

  11. You are on a roll! Keep it up!

  12. Way to go you have a lot done already! And good luck on the rest! :)

  13. I am ridiculously impressed with all of the things you've managed to accomplish just on the first day! Total awe here. Keep up the awesome work.

  14. That's quite a list. If mine weren't so long, I might add to mine from yours.

  15. That's one long list! Good luck!


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