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Good Morning Everyone!!

I am getting such a great response to my collection for my friend. I have also been getting a lot of questions about just sending books for my BFF. So I wanted to address that here and launch a new initiative. We are going to help the women soldiers of Iraq get some good stuff to read.

The number one complaint I get from my troops when I talk to some of them over there is that all they recieve is candy, sunscreen, James Patterson and Tom Clancy books. I am going to be collecting books and goodies for my friend as I have been and will continue to do until I head over, but now...in addition, I am collecting books to send to my friend while she is currently there and to the other female readers in her unit. I want romance, paranormal, UF, YA, anything like that...or anything that you are kind of enough to send their way. I am collecting them at my house and sending them from here in large boxes...so if you would like to participate please email me at: monicaannkoetz@gmail.com

Thanks for your time! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming :)

P.S. Here is a super cute picture of my cat to make your smile!!!


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