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Hey Everyone,

I want to first off welcome all my new followers! Thanks for following! I hope you stick around and if  you have any comments just email me: monicaannkoetz(AT) .

I also want to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes, I truly appreciate them all.

Reminder to all that my Sony Ereader giveaway ends on Tuesday, and my collection of my deployed friend is still collecting!

I added a new blog button roll on my blog, if you aren't currently on it and want to be added, just email me the link and I'll add it, no problem.

I got the goodies from of Blog Swap Secret Santa and my Librarything Secret Santa, they were both awesome! Thank you both so much! I can't wait to start reading these books!

I also wanted to post a bit about me in case you didn't know...and for the new followers here:

My name is Monica, I have been reading since I was old enough to hold a dang book...the first "real book" I read was something like "Vampires Don't Drink Lemonade"...those were classic. I love to sing, eat, swim, laugh, dance, read (duh!), and talk about books. I serve full time in the US Army in addition to my super busy blogger lifestyle. I read super fast and can get through a couple of books a day, no problem, when I shut down twitter of course. I am also a shoe addict...I love me some shoes, almost as much as I love my books. If you want to ask a question...feel free to email me.

Thanks again for being great followers and readers! Watch out for some more changes coming soon...working on lots of behind the scenes stuff I know you will all love.



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