Book Porn!

This post is dedicated to my fellow blogger The Book Vixen. She is the one was talking about book here you go. Enjoy!

If you see 'Halfway to the Grave' in there, let me know, I have been looking for weeks! Its ridiculous. Some are mine and some are the husbands...he is a book addict as well.

One of these shelves is not mine...its my, signed or BFF or sister shelf.


  1. Book Porn!!! Loved snopping thru your shelves. I have bookshelf envy. I don't have one. *gasp* I know. My books, well most of them, are on the top shelf of my computer desk and it's a serious safety hazard.

  2. You caught my attention!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Ooh, so nice! I see lots of good books!


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