Help Me Treat A Deserving Soldier to the Moment of Her Life or At Least Help Me Get Them Something Good To Read!

Here's the deal. I have a Battle Buddy (affectionate term Army folk use for comrades in arms) who just got deployed to Iraq. She LOVES to read and go to book signings, we talk online all the time about which ones we go to and where, and the ones we wish we could go to. I care for her dearly...I want to treat her to the moment of her life upon her return from the desert. I want to collect as many signed books, signed book plates and signed book marks as I possibly can...I mean I want to fill a room with this stuff. So, when she comes home, she knows that there are so many people who care for her and so many who support what she sacrifices, because I know the terror she felt when she told me she had to go, and I know the terror I feel knowing that I will have to as well, but I do it anyway. I do this for her because I care about her and I do this for her because if she had my literary connections and then she would do it for me when I go over there. I have a limited amount of time. I have from NOW until May 2010 to get as many signed items as I can because that's when its my turn to head over, I will still be reading and reviewing while I am there, don't worry...I will have some free time, if only a tiny tiny bit, luckily I read fast :)

If you can donate an item please please please email me, I'll pay for shipping, buy as many books as I am monetarily able and mail them to you, I have signed up for HUNDREDS of giveaways anywhere and everywhere, and I have started collecting stamps and address to send away for SASE's.

If you have our own goodies, for yourself or your own blog...please feel free to send them too, she will have a ton of sites to check out when she gets back, and she will appreciate the support.

*For Authors and Bloggers who want to participate I will have a tracker to show what I have collected so everyone can see what I have and where I am. I will link to the website/blog or where ever promotional you would like me to if you donate something*

I have also received inquiries about books to mail her as well. She will read anything but her favs are paranormal romance, YA, and urban fantasy. If I have reviewed it here on my site, she has the book already...I buy a copy of each book I read and review and send her way so she can read and write to me about them, then she send them back and I stash them in her library for her. She is going to be amazed when she returns, I can't wait. Its just something to keep her mind off work and let her relax when she gets the chance. So you can check my reviews list for books if you need.

I am also collecting any of the genres mentioned above the other female readers in her unit too...lets help them get something good to read! Any books you can send I'll be more than appreciative to receive and send their way. I am also working on getting more books together to send in conjunction with Soldier's Angels.

If you can help, I will be extremely appreciative. You can email me at or even monica.koetz(AT) if you feel better about using that one and can use it for tax write offs or something (I have no idea about those things, lol)

I will post more pics as her stash accumulates as well as final pics when I am done collecting before I head over.

Thanks so much to everyone who is/has already donated.

P.S. If you hadn't noticed I truly feel she absolutely deserves this and more for her service. So I am shameless with the advertising. I know we are a volunteer force, but it takes guts to volunteer in a time of war, it takes courage, and that's always been a celebrated trait in the human race.



  1. That is very thoughtful of you. I hope it goes well. If I come across any signings I'll see what I can do, but I've never even been to one.

  2. Such a great idea! I have a bookplate from Nicole Peeler if you want it..but im in Canada. Also have a few extra bookmarks. Let me know!

  3. I don't know if I can get anything signed but if you have a favorite book of hers I'm happy to send it to you. And, of course we have our bookmarks that we are happy to provide! Let me know what you want. At the Kirk house we are all about supporting our troops! (Our favorite uncle is a veteran).

  4. Just stopping by to let you know that this post has been featured in my Weekly Wrap-Up! You can view it by clicking here

  5. Volunteer military or not, it is still a service to our country. Civilians really do not understand what special people the military and their families are. I was lucky enough to be a military wife for 24 years. We went through Vietnam before the military was voluntary. The camaraderie among military members and the extended family each service is can not be matched anywhere. Wives depend on each other and husbands who are home look out for the families of those who are deployed. I know things are not the same as they were when we were in so many years ago, but the brother/sisterhood of comrades in arms has not changed.
    Does your friend have a favorite genre she reads? Who are her favorite authors? Let me know and I'll see what I have on my shelves.
    Both of you will be in my thoughts.

  6. So that's what the Battle Collection is! That is such an amazingly kind and generous thing you're doing! I'll check my stash, I don't know if I still have anything autographed; I usually give that stuff to my friend who can appreciate it more than me (I'm weird, I don't covet stranger's signatures).

  7. This is a great cause. Turns out, there are tons of book signings here in LA, even a pretty interesting one tonight, although I don't think I can make it.

    I'm going to try to get to at least one, ASAP.


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