Sunday Morning Hang Over Cure

Its been a long week, and after Samhain/Halloween everyone is probably in need a bit of a hangover cure...well hopefully everyone who is of drinking age ;)

So what's coming up this week...

11/4 My contest for a signed copy of Born of Night is over, so get in that before it ends.

11/5 I am attending the P.C. and Kristen Cast signing in Baltimore, MD with my teen lil sis. She is excited too...flying in from Ohio.

I also have about a million and a half books to read and review...they are all in nice piles in my library and on my coffee table, lol. I need to start putting them away as I read them, I just get lazy and forget.

Book to review include:

Tempted by: P.C. and Kristen Cast
Grave Secret by: Charlaine Harris
Queen of Souls by: C.L. Wilson
Mark of a Demon by: Diana Rowland
Seduced Series by: Shayla Black
Kiss of Midnight by: Lara Adrian

There is also a nice file of .pdf arc's I need to break into as well...I don't think I have ever had a problem of trying to decide which book to read first.

Oh and for the hangover, two tylenol in the morning taken with a whole bottle of Gatorade...and if you want to feel super great, eat some tomato soup with ritz as well. YUM!



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