Quick Giveaway: To Desire a Devil by: Elizabeth Hoyt *closed*

These giveaways however from here on out will be be a quick twitter giveaway a la J Kaye's Blog, she has some excellent giveaways as well..I suggest you check her out. So follow me on Twitter.

So your giveaway is: To Desire a Devil by Elizabeth Hoyt first one to tweet:

@bibliophilicboo I love your blog, I want that book!

is a winner...simple as that (must be exact wording). I am so sorry but due to a couple of my other giveaways being international this one is only US and Canada entries please. And only age 18 and above may enter. Must be a blog follower.

Also please continue passing the word around for my E-reader giveaway. I can't wait to see who wins that one and when I reach 200 followers we will have another giveaway.

Closed: Thanks for those who entered! Ill post another giveaway probably tomorrow. Thanks for being great followers!


  1. darn i was lol. next time, next time...

  2. Thanks guys! Parajunkee...was something in the post confusing? like do you have a suggestion to make tomorrow's giveaway easier to get?

    Don't want anyone confused.

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