P.C. and Kristen Cast Book Signing

Good Morning Everyone!
Last night my younger sister (Jessika) and I went to a book signing for P.C. and Kristen Cast. They are the authors of the majorly acclaimed House of Night series. P.C. Cast was fun and just full of energy and excitement, I loved listening to her speak, she was super sweet. She answered a lot of questions from the audience...here's a bit of info she imparted:

- We will learn more about the Vampire High Council.
- There is a movie for the first book in the works.
- She is working on Burned (the next installment in the HON) currently
- They are contracted for 12 books.
- *SPOILER* No more at all Zoey and Erik...thank freaking goodness!
- She has a fledgling handbook coming out next year sometime.
- There will be another book, one from her adult Goddess Summoning series, called Goddess of Legend, coming out late next year.
- Burned will be released on May 28th, 2010.

Here is a pic of the wonderful signed copy of Tempted, the latest release in the HON series...for one of my lovely readers to win so make sure you get signed up! The giveaway ends on 11/20!

*PS This is not the post to sign up on...you get signed up by clicking the signed up link just about in that sentance* Just don't want any confusion.


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