Dark Stranger Blog Tour! Welcome Susan Sizemore!

I am so excited to be hosting Susan Sizemore here today! I enjoyed reading 'Dark Stranger' so much I immediately did some searching for the rest of Ms. Sizemore's Primes series. So in honor of her newest release and number eight in the Primes series 'Dark Stranger' Susan Sizemore is here to do an interview with me today. So to start I am going to share a bit about Susan with you.

Susan Sizemore is the bestselling author of Primal Needs, Primal Desires, and Primal Heat, the most recent novels in her vampire Primes series, and more than twenty other romances. Susan, who lives in the Midwest, loves vampires, basketball, and hearing from readers.

(BBB) I am so excited to be here with you today! I'm going to jump right in with the questions. What made you interested in urban fantasy?

(SS) I suppose my love of urban fantasy -- weird stuff in the real world as I like to define it -- goes back to reading Emma Bull's WAR FOR THE OAKS which is about a faerie war that takes place in Minneapolis. I've been reading and writing urban fantasy ever since.

(BBB) Have you ever dreamed of writing another genre?

(SS) There are very few genres I don't already write in. I've done all sorts of romance -- time travel, paranormal, futuristic, intrigue, historical -- as well as epic fantasy, urban fantasy, mystery. I write the sorts of stories I love to read, and I read in every genre.

(BBB) Who is your favorite character from this book?

(SS) Two, actually. Doc and Zoe. You can't have a romance without a couple, and I love how these two fit together.

(BBB) What is your favorite food?

(SS) Pasta. And dumplings. If you are what you eat, I'm a dumpling -- as my shape will attest.

(BBB)Do you have any writing rituals?

(SS) As long as I have coffee I'm ready to write.

(BBB) How long did it take you to complete this book?

(SS) I submitted it to my editor already complete, then she asked me to make it at least 100 pages longer. So, altogether, I'd say it took about a year to write.

(BBB) Who is your favorite male lead from any of your books?

(SS) Marcus Cage and Doc Raven -- but Doc is sort of based on Marcus if Marcus happened to live way in the future.

(BBB) Are any of the characters (physical traits or personality) based on people you know?

(SS) Oh, yes. Sometimes on purpose, but usually by accident. I'll realize after the story is already written that a character in it is a lot like someone I know.

(BBB) Will there be anymore series in the future? Can you reveal any plans?

(SS) I'm currently working on the 9th book in the Vampire Primes universe. There will be a Primes novella in an upcoming anthology and I definitely want to write more Vampire Book Club stories. So, the Primes will certainly be around for a while.

(BBB) What is your favorite book, ever?

(SS) I have two favorite books, ever -- GOOD OMENS by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and GIRL OF THE LIMBERLOST by Gene Stratton Porter.

(BBB) Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and for answering my question!

My review for 'Dark Stranger' was posted a couple days ago...you can find it here.

Also you can visit Susan Sizemore's webpage here, or you can follow her on Twitter.

Below is the video for the book...I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it!


  1. Awesome interview, ladies! I, too, loved War for the Oaks. However, I only read it last year. I'm slow... but it was worth it.

    Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. I posted this at Win a Book.

  2. It's great to know another new author for me.
    the book sounds great.

    uniquas at ymail dot com


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