Book Review and Giveaway: Shifting Plains by: Jean Johnson

Summary: Tava Ell Var never really knew her mother, but she did know about her tragic fate at the hands of group of cruel shape shifters--a history set down by Tava's father as a warning about life on the Shifting Plains. After her father is murdered, Tava encounters a Shifterai war band fighting to rid the Plains of the terrorizing bandits.

Shifterai leader Kodan Sin Siin is sympathetic about Tava's suffering, but he's determined to bring the wary young women to the Plains. Because he knows her secret: She, like he and his men, is a shapeshifter. Once she joins them, he believes that she will see for herself the true fate that awaits her on the Plains, and most of all, lose her fear of his people. And, in time she will find her place in their fight--and by his side.

I have enjoyed reading Jean Johnson's novels for awhile now, she wrote 'The Sons of Destiny', a series of eight books, set in the same world as 'Shifting Plains'. 'Shifting Plains' is actually a prequel set a long time before 'The Sons of Destiny'. Anyway...I love Jean Johnson's other work so I was super excited when I went to the book store to pick this book up. It didn't take me long to read it at all, it was pretty compelling from page one, I read about 150 pages into it before I realized it was lunch time...and for those who read my interviews...know that food is one of favorite things, just after books. I enjoyed the characters in this book...Kodan is a very compelling male and lead character, he grabs your attention and hold it, as does Tava. I would have liked to see a longer courtship for them though, a month seems like a short time to pick your life mate. They are both strong willed and pretty perfect for each other though so, who knows. The story itself was good, but to me seemed like just a story, I didn't really get a sense of urgency, like oh, the climax of is coming up, you know were you do the chair wiggle to get more compfy in order to keep reading longer. It seemed more like a story you would tell your friend about what you saw at the mall today. I am not however complaining about the quality of the story told, it was good, and it was very compelling, I had a hard time actually putting the book its a story your friend tells you about the mall that involved an awesome shoe sale. I really enjoyed this book...looks like by the ending and the fact that there are numerous questions left unanswered, there will be another book after this one, oh darn!

P.S. There is an ample amount of steam in those pages, enough to need potholders while reading.

For more information or for purchasing visit Jean Johnson's webpage.

I give this book 5/5 stars. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  1. Wow look at that cleavage. The book definitely looks steamy.

  2. I know, right? I took it to wait in line to see New Moon last night and felt compelled to make sure the poor women's cleavage stayed safely hidden from nearby tweens.

  3. I think I would like to shapeshift into an owl. I would love to be able to fly and I think that owls are very beautiful.

  4. I would shape shift into a cat!!!! They have the best life!! Sleeping, Slinking, Sleeping, Being Pet, Sleeping, Eating, Sleeping..... SIGN ME UP!!!! lol

    And her Clevage is to die for...

  5. Hi Jean,
    First I just want to say how much I loved the Sons of Destiny series. I was hooked after reading The Sword. The Wolf also is a fav, but then again so is The Cat and the Song....yeah I loved them all :) And I was so glad to see you expand the world of the Shifting Plains that was briefly introduced in the SOD series. Very intriguing and can't wait to read the book.

    To answer your question. I have a thing for shifters that become predatory cats (lions, tigers...) I blame Lora Leigh and her breed series for my fascination, but wouldn't change it for the world. Love shifter books!

  6. If I could shift into any animal it would be a penguin.


  7. If I could shift into animal I would be a wolf, because I am always partial to wolves. They are beautiful creatures!

    mischivusfairy-inbox12 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  8. I would want to be a panther. I think they are graceful yet beautifully powerful. I also love climbing trees so its perfect.

  9. If you could shape shift into any animal..but only one, which would you pick and why? an eagle... then i can roam about anywhere and do as i wish... and amazing cover... book seems great.. please add me in. Than k you.

  10. I would love to be a tiger or some feline.. they are fast and gracious and beautiful... and they can be deadly!

    This contest is internaional isn't it? pleasee say yes :)

  11. It is international!


  12. I am such a dork...I could've sworn that I left a comment before...*sigh* okay..

    Well if I could be any sort of shifter, I would love to be a werewolf...they're strong, loyal, passionate and beautiful.

    Happy Reading
    Anna Shah Hoque

  13. I would love to shift into a black panther. They are so beautiful.

  14. I would shift into a raven b/c the feeling of flight has always tantalized me.


  15. I would shapeshift into a panther because I think it is the most graceful animal alive.


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