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Happy Veteran's Day. I know, I for one, am super excited to be off today and appreciate everything every Veteran has sacrificed for my freedom, I thank my battle buddies (yes, I would be one of those aforementioned veterans, and still serving) for everything they do every day to help me keep my head on straight. I love you all!!!

Anyway...on to the MAIN EVENT!!

I am so honored to be hosting Julia London here for an interview for her blog tour in celebration of her newest book release A Courtesan's Scandal. I love having wonderful authors here on my blog and Julia London is certainly no exception.

Here is a bit about Julia:
Julia London is the New York Times and USA Today best selling author of more than a twenty romantic fiction novels.  She is the author of the popular Desperate Debutante and Scandalous  historical romance series, as well as several contemporary romances, including American Diva,  the very popular tie-in novel to the daytime drama, Guiding Light:  Jonathan’s Story, and the upcoming Summer of Two Wishes

Julia is the recipient of the RT Bookclub Award for Best Historical Romance and a four-time finalist for the prestigious RITA award for excellence in romantic fiction. She lives in Round Rock, Texas, with her husband.  To keep up with all the Julia London news and excerpts, please visit

(BBB) Again, I am honored to be hosting Julia London. Julia thank you so much for joining me today!

(BBB) What made you interested in writing regency era romance?

(JL) I have always loved that era in British history, I guess from the time I read my first Jane Austen book.  I minored in history in college, too, which helped—I had a leg up on building a knowledge base about the era.  But interestingly, my first book was a medieval romance.  I like that time period, too—and I learned so much from that book.  I learned how to construct a full novel.  I learned that it was important to have a beginning, a middle, and an end, and preferably and end that didn’t take one hundred years to get to. I learned that what I knew of fourteenth century England you could put on a postage stamp.  I put it aside and tried again.  My second book (and my first published book) was a little later than a regency (The Devil’s Love), but I slowly inched my way back to the regency era.  To me, it provides the perfect backdrop for historical romance.

(BBB) Have you ever dreamed of writing another genre? (I am currently checking this out)

(JL) Actually, I write contemporary romance, too.  My latest, Summer of Two Wishes, is about a woman who loses her husband in the war in Afghanistan.  She mourns him and eventually goes on with her life, falling in love and marrying another man.  But just months after she is remarried, she discovers that her first husband wasn’t dead after all, and is coming home to her.  I really enjoy switching back and forth between contemporaries and historicals.  It’s a different tone, a different feel, and I think it helps keep my writing fresh in both genres. As for other genres, I’ve had a hitch for a long time to write a western historical.

(BBB) Who is your favorite character from this book or from this whole series?

(JL) Wow, that’s a tough question.  From this book, I’d have to say Digby and Aldous were two characters I really liked, just because they were unique and loyal without expecting anything.  I like all my main characters for different reasons.  I think Nathan in Book of Scandal is one that stands out.  I think he was really tortured because he was such a guy.  He lost his son and then he lost his wife and he was never really sure how or what he should have done differently.  I liked Jack from Highland Scandal because he was such a rogue.  I liked Kate, too, because she is a survivor.  I like them all!  I can’t choose!

(BBB) What is your favorite food?

(JL) One word:  brownies.  Chocolate, blonde, with or without nuts, with or without chocolate chips, on cheesecake, beneath ice cream, with icing or plain.  Love. Them.

(BBB) Do you have any writing rituals?

(JL) I’m not really sure if I have a ritual.  I tend to do the same things when I am writing a book—for example, I sketch out the outline of the book, I start off like gangbusters and then begin to peter out at about 100 pages, as the book gets more complex.  I hit that middle section of a book where I am pretty sure I am a hack.  But somehow I muddle through to the end and edit the heck out of my manuscripts.  When I am writing, if I get stuck, I physically change locations – usually, I end up at Starbuck’s, and I refuse to pay for the internet connection, so I really have to focus on what I am writing and not let myself get distracted by Twitter or Facebook.

(BBB) How long did it take you to complete this book?

(JL) I honestly don’t remember this one in particular, but most books take about eight or nine months from writing “Chapter One” until it is off to be put into page proofs.  That’s if I am working full time on a book.  Since I write two genres, I usually have two books going at once, so sometimes that timeline gets stretched out a little.

(BBB) Are any of the characters (physical traits or personality) based on people you know?

(JL) I think all of my characters have traits and personality bits from people I know.  And people I don’t know—if you spend anytime at a coffee shop, you see some very interesting people, right?  But mostly, the people I know and love—all of them calm, reliable people, really—serve as a barometer of what not to write.  I think about what they would do in a situation and then do the opposite.  No one wants to read about calm, reliable people.  There’s no story in that!

(BBB) Will there be any more series in the future? Can you reveal any plans?

(JL) I am working on a new historical quartet, The Secrets of Hadley Green, and I am really excited about this series.  Declan O’Conner, one of the gentlemen from the Scandalous series, kicks it off, but it is a new series that springs from a crime that happened fifteen years prior to book one, and everyone in Hadley Green has a secret.  The first two books will be out late next year.

(BBB) What is your favorite book, ever?

(JL) I cannot name just one.  There are books that have stuck with me.  Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman is one.  The Autobiography of Henry VIII, by Margaret George, a fictionalized recounting of his extraordinary life is another.  The Help, but Kathryn Stockett, which I just read, is really wonderful.  There are too many to name!  Is it possible to have just one favorite book?

(BBB) Well thank you so much for taking time of your busy schedule to do this interview. You are welcome to come back anytime at all.

(JL) Thanks so much for having me today!  I very much appreciate the opportunity.

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ALSO DON'T FORGET!!! Julia has donated a signed copy of A Courtesan's Scandal for a lovely fan to win. So go sign is the link (just for clarification, click the word 'link'). My review is also posted there to check out if you are interested!

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