8 Favorite Things Challenge...join in!

Here is the challange:
Name 8 of your favorite things in a blog post and link it back to Princess Bookie's site, in order to win a copy of a book in the picture above. Super Fun!

Name 8 Of Your Favorite Things, can't be ALL books.

My List:
1. Curling up with my husband on the couch to read.

2. Books-duh

3. Arthurian Legend

4. Warm Chocolate...in any of its forms (hot chocolate, brownies, warm choc cake, you get the point)

5. Sleeping in

6. Tacos, lots of lots of Tacos

7. Nice cool breeze on a humid day.

8. My pets (Leo and Emmy). Had to squeeze them in somewhere.

These are not necessarily in the order of my love for them. lol.
(mix it up, be creative)


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