Sherrilyn Kenyon Signing/Q&A

WOW. That is just the word I have for this event. It was a blast, Sherrilyn was hilarious, as usual, as were her companions Diana and Kimberly. If you ever have the opportunity to go see her, DO IT, it was well worth the wait before and after. Some people went home with great prizes, mostly everyone went home with at least a button or something of that nature. Sherrilyn Kenyon captures her audience on the page and in person; she is so approachable and you can truly see that she appreciates her fans so much. She didn't rush anyone, signed anything, and stayed until every single person was completely finished with her. It was great! Here are some pictures I took of the event, there were about 100 or so people in attendance.

Also, for you avid Kenyon readers...there will be a bunch of books next year. She also commented on the fact that Simi does have a life mate coming (he is seen in the Dream Warrior book). She also commented on the fact that she wants to do a Savitar and a Styxx book, but they aren't speaking to her until then, we have to wait.


  1. I am already following you. Love the reviews.

    swapbot - stampkrl

  2. halo...where is your follower to let me follow u?

  3. How cool. We seem to like similar books. Great blog - I swear it never seems like anyone good comes down here for signings! You would think they would want to come to New Orleans just to visit. Urgh. But I'm following now and good luck with your blog.

    - ParaJunkee

  4. Agnes Sim: Underneath my twitter post gadget there is a button to follow my posts. It has an orange RSS feed button next to it.

    Thanks so much for checking out my everyone!


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