National Book Festival 2009

Tom (my husband) and I went to the National Book Festival on Saturday. I was in awe at how many people were in attendance. It was amazing. There was a ton of free stuff (i.e. Bags, posters, books, etc) and a TON of people, as I said before. We waited in line for about two hours to get Tom's books signed by James Patterson, he's not really my genre, and I'm afraid there were probably a ton of disappointed fans who didn't get theirs signed. We were in the third line out of 7 and he one had an hour to do all the signings and we were at about the 45 minute mark. But, you don't walk up right on time expecting to get anything signed in my opinion, not for something like that. The food was horribly over priced and it did rain some, but not too bad for a Saturday afternoon.

The pictures to the right are of James Patterson (top) and the tent array in front of the Washington monument (bottom).


  1. Very cool.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  2. Gee. I have never even heard of a book fair in Iowa, not like that one anyway. That's awesome! this is crstarlette from swap-bot


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