Book Review: Dark-Hunter Series by: Sherrilyn Kenyon

I decided to just do a mass series review for this one because I have read these over the course of the last few weeks and some of the details of the earlier books are not as fresh as I would like them to be. I finished Bad Moon Rising just last night so it was a bit easier to give a review singularly.

In a basic short and frank statement, this series was alright. Its a long series and it continues to grow, so at some point you have to push your self forward and make yourself finish the series, or not get tempted to skip ahead to another book, but, you are rewarded for it. I had to push myself to keep going around the first Dream-Hunter novel, but was richly rewarded when I finally made it to Acheron. There will be some books in the series you will love and cherish as a favorite forever, and some you add to the swap pile as soon as you skip through the last few pages. It is definitely worth the effort, and with some new plot twists in the last two books, anything can happen in the future.

P.S. What does a Bear and Wolf make?...hmmm.


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