Contributers to my Battle Buddy's Collection!

Here is a list of all the contributions for my Battle's collections.

I got this great set from Leanna Renee Harber.

She even offered up a copy for my readers...and myself. Super awesome!

Got this great set from Michele Hauf!
This one came from Lori Handeland.
This set I won for my sister...I just though they were sweet and wanted to add it here. I got it from the Daily Dose!
I got these from Lisa Schroeder. I got these before I started my collection for my battle, so they are made out to me, but she was also very sweet and I wanted to include them in my line up.
I got these from the Author Island! This is the signed portion.
I also got these from Author Island. This is the unsigned portion. INSANE!
Got these from Emma Holly!


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